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Welcome to our Sexy Garlic Store
Along with the new Ranch comes the added adventure of growing our own Red Russian "Sexy Garlic"
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What is Red Russian Garlic?

  Red Russian hardneck garlic has an average of 4-5 cloves per bulb.  It is a cold hearty garlic that can put up with soggy BC winters as long as it is planted in raised beds.  It produces a scape that emerges in mid June which can be eaten or allowed to grow to maturity into umbel/bulbils (bulbils can be eaten or planted). This strain stores well and when harvested in July/August will store until December/January under proper conditions.  Red Russian garlic should be planted in the fall.  There are two types of Red Russian garlic: the rocambole type and the marbled purple stripe type... I believe ours is of the marbled purple stripe variety.  

What does Red Russian Garlic Taste Like?

 Red Russian garlic is a medium to hot garlic that sweetens when baked.  It has a very "full bodied" flavor and it is sure to please the most discerning of garlic connoisseurs.  It is a great all round garlic that is excellent when baked in the oven, used as a garlic for garlic bread, used in recipes, soups, stews, roasts and more!  Your imagination is the limit

Why is it Sexy?

We have a novelty sexy stocking packaging that not only keeps your garlic for a long time but it looks sexy, wards off Vampires and just spices up your life! Great for gift giving...just in time for Halloween and Christmas!


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We are only taking pre-orders for our 2023 season. Please continue through the check will not be asked for payment we will email you with an update to e-transfer when our products are ready!

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