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Copy of Copy of Car Race Flyer - Made wi

The Track is located on Barnston Island which is in the middle of the Fraser River between Surrey and Pitt Meadows. You need to take a small 5 car Ferry (Free) which is about a 5 minute ride across the river. Once are in the middle of the island and there are no distractions , just peace and quiet. The Ferry stops running at 12:50 am on weekends and you are TRAPPED with nothing to do but sit by the fire and drink beer (no glass bottles please).


To register, please take the time to fill out the information below.

Every Racer will receive a Special Souvenir Gift.

Please click on the button below to read the full waiver.


Welcome to the Farm 5th Scale. This little oasis is maybe a bit more rugged than you are used to.

Here are a few of the camp facts.

  • We do not have power, everything we do runs off a generator. 

  • We have a well with beautiful river water sifted through the sand that is pristine clear but has not been tested as potable due to the surrounding farm land.

  • We will have potable water available but not for hook ups.

  • As we are on Agricultural land reserve there are no pit toilets or sani-hookups. We will have portable washrooms onsite.

  • This Farm is private property and the owners would ask that you respectfully keep to the main roads and not trespass.

  • There are no amenities on the island and no way to leave after midnight (see Ferry Schedule)

  • We will have a commissary on site for meals and snacks. Menu and Pricing coming soon.

  • There are no refunds with the exception of border closures.

Click the button to go to the Barnston Ferry Schedule

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